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Posted by muthusivam on June 16, 2008

Finally a much awaited K.S.RaviKumar & Kamal Haasan’s Dasavathaaram got released after long wait of 3 years. But still it managed to live upto the expectations. Right from the opening scene everyone were seen agape at the movie. Stunt, visual effects, music every field is fantastic. Ulaga Naayagan has once again proved that he is the emperor of Indian cinema industry. It is quite a new concept to Indian cinema particularly to tamil cinema  industry,chaos theory i.e in one sentence “A dynamic system is highly sensitive to initial conditions”. Since this sounds interesting we had a long discussion about world system, cause and effect, butterfly effect and historical truth about the movie, Leaving the conclusion to induvidual to guess, so as the movie.

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A day at Paintball arena

Posted by muthusivam on May 22, 2008

Last week Saturday, We went for Team outing to Paintball arena @ Bangalore which is near Bannerghatta National Park. Paintball is the game where destroying the opponents, retrieving the flag are played with the help of gelatin balls and paintball markers. Though the game was pretty interesting, all our energy got exhausted immediately. That made us to realise how difficult the real soldiers life would be. Then we had lunch and played chess. Then played T10 match where it was a disappointing day with bat. But to my surprise, I bowled bit well by consuming just 6 runs of 2 overs by taking 1 wicket. Atlast took some snaps and left home. That day we haven’t realise the pain due to fun factor. But for the next couple of days, joins were paining a lot. 😦

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Posted by muthusivam on April 29, 2008

Like many indians, I have also been an ardent fan of cricket since my childhood. Believe me, I heard lot of advice from my parents to control my interest in cricket. Somehow nowadays I am not much interested towards cricket. Even then I along with my friends and seniors went to M.A.Chinnasamy stadium, Bangalore to see T20 IPL tournament. Though I am not in favour of IPL, just to have some good fun I was in. So I left office bit early and was there at stadium by 5.15 itself for 8’o clock match. It looks bit odd to see fans painting on their faces with their favorite team names/ logos/ players. Got into stadium by 6 and seated at suitable place. Laser light show was there followed by some good Kannada/ Hindi songs were sung by singers.

Match started by 8 and my favourite team won the toss and batted first. Because of Steyn and Zaheer’s accurate bowling, Chennai started their account slowly and Dhoni and Hussey picked up the momentum at right stage. It was Dhoni’s magnificient effort which made chennai to make a respectable score of 178. Bangalore Royal challengers started very well as Taylor and Jaffer smashed the ball to boundaries and sixes and I thought Bangalore will win easily till the end of 15 overs. But things changed as Royal Challenges gifted their wickets very cheaply to get dismissed for 165 at last over. But it was a crucial ending. Cheerleaders did their job well by cheering up the fans now and then. At times, even fans were doing the cheerleader’s job. 🙂 Huge waves made by fans at stadium and appreciation/ criticism made were very interesting. A memorable event that will be remembered forever.

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Started Tamil blog

Posted by muthusivam on March 19, 2008

Started Tamil blog. Chee chee. It should be posted in tamil blog. Because started tamil blog long time back without any post. Idea is to just to post something which attracts me. Trying to write some poems. 🙂 URL is this. தமிழிலும் அடித்துத்தான் பார்ப்போமே… 🙂

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A Trip to Bandhipur

Posted by muthusivam on January 30, 2008

This time it was seniors plan to go for Bandipur. This time with pretty crowd we managed to get a tempo. First we went to Sivasamudhra for second time. But this time water is less compared to previous one. Also we took bath there. This is the first time I took bath at falls. 🙂 . Then we thought of proceeding to Bandipur. But due to some problems with tempo, we were forced to move to Mysore. Repaired tempo and went to Bandipur Forest by night. Since that was late night and also without any apprehension about the forest, I got into fear. With great difficulty we managed to book a room. Woke up early morning and went for safari. Nothing much to tell about it. Just deers and few birds. Its almost waste. Then went to Mysore palace and Tipu Sultan’s palace. To mention about beauty Mysore palace is good. Due to lack of maintenance with Tipu’s palace, Its not much attractive. Photos can be viewed from sap, elango and senthil‘s albums.

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IE inside Firefox…

Posted by muthusivam on January 23, 2008

Thought of posting about this for a quite long period. Finally did it. 🙂 I always prefer firefox rather than Internet Explorer. But for some sites I was forced to use IE because of their poor web designing. I feel irritated to open different browsers for each site. So started of searching the way of using firefox as IE. Thus got IE Tab plugin for Firefox. Though it is installed from IE view, IMHO it is better than IE view. Because IE view opens a IE tagged page in a new IE window whereas IE tab opens in a new tab of Firefox. Also it is released under GPL. Though it has some bugs they are not much affecting me. IE Tab could be installed by clicking here.

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Kallori – Movie Review

Posted by muthusivam on December 8, 2007

Hmmm.. Nowadays blogging becoming bit tough. So a small post within the short time. Nearly after 4 months I watched a movie at theatre at Bangalore. Today went to Kallori with my friends and seniors. This is the first time I am watching second show. 🙂 . Though the story has nothing new, screenplay was nice. First half is really good. It is a perfect blend of comedy and sentiment. Second half mainly aims to be more sentiment. Each and every individual character has been well shaped and everyone acted really well. Particularly hero Akhil and heroine Tamana acted really well. Songs are mind boggling. But the climax is somewhat etching me. IMHO it could have been done better.

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Life!!! Grr!!

Posted by muthusivam on December 1, 2007

Back to blogging after long time. Though there is no restriction for these resources in work place, I hardly find time to post some stuffs… hmmm. Life is becoming monotonous nowadays. Could not spend much time in what I am interested. Expecting the change in the way in which I am proceeding…

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Posted by muthusivam on October 19, 2007

Hmmm. Last weekend again we managed to see 5 movies. But not at a stretch. Remarkable one is Sivi. Without revealing the storyline I am just giving in what situation we saw that movie and what impact it has made on us. Actually it was my friend who stimulated us to see it. It was very interesting. Though the story is not much new, screenplay was good and that made us to watch it. Some of my friends were even afraid of that ghost and heard that they lost their sleep that night. 🙂 Somehow I managed to sleep well that night… 🙂

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100 days at bengaluru!!!

Posted by muthusivam on September 26, 2007

It has touched 100 days since my arrival to Bangalore. All these days I could not find anything positive about this new A1 city. Traffic has been the main issue always. I could see couple of English movies while travelling from electronic city to Majestic which is almost just 25 km. There are over dozen of malls and few famous roads in a city where one could just go and do a window shopping. Nothing more than that. There are few parks which is not intended for its purpose. It is helping few people for SOME OTHER purposes. Next comes the issue of dressing. I still wonder whether these girls are not having enough sense to choose dressing like this or they wantedly dressing like this. Grr.. Grr.. Next I would like to share some “sweet” issue. Though I like idly,sambar and sweets, here I have no other go than eating those by morning. For the first time I have tasted idlys with sweets(sambar). Just because of this cool climate and for the sake of money, still I am staying at Bangalore. 😦

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